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CMBV's offer

Act I

Annonce CouperinEN.png

In order to help you choose the best programme to compete next June, CIMA and the Centre for French baroque music (CMBV) made a special deal for you! Until the end of March, CMBV offers you an exclusive promotion code on their online store, applied to music scores related to the 4th edition's theme : Trio Sonata at the end of the 17th century.

This month, (re)discover :

One of Les Nations by François Couperin is compulsory for the competition's final

and involves: 

Access to a 5 % discount on these music scores

by entering the following promotion code on the online store of the CMBV :


> Discover the CMBV's Expodcast

Discover the Expodcasts, created by the CMBV in collaboration with France Musique and the Château de Versailles. A one-click access to series of episodes combining podcasts, videos and exhibitions. A unique experience to dive into early music world!

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