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4th edition - 2021

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« La sonate en trio à la fin du Grand Siècle »

The 4th edition of CIMA took place on June 4th and 5th 2021 at Royal Abbey of Fontevraud for the semi-final, and at Chapelle de l’Immaculée in Nantes for the final.

First prize was awarded to Polish ensemble Cohaere.

No second prize was awarded.


Cohaere Ensemble was founded in 2019 in Katowice by three students studying in the Harpsichord and Historical Performance Practice Department. In February 2021, they welcomed a 4th member. They have a fresh approach to historically informed performance but do not ignore the rules written down centuries ago.

The Ensemble captivated the Jury by their playing of high quality mixed with an sensitive and lively interpretation where the four members play in harmony. They also stood out by their eclectic and out of the ordinary personalities. Cohaere raised money via a crowdfunding to finance their trip to France to participate to the competition.

Monika Hartmann (cello), Marta Korbel (violin), Marta Gawlas (traverso), Natalia Olczak (harpsichord), interpreted during the final, La Piémontaise, one of the 4th Nation by François Couperin.

In 2022, Cohaere becomes part of EEEMERGING+, european program of accompaniment for young baroque ensembles.



- Ensemble W (finaliste)

- Le Concert de la Reine

- Les Curiosités

- Sarbacanes


- Musica Amici (finaliste)

- Brezza Ensemble

- El Gran Teatro del Mundo


La Tabatière (finaliste)




Cohaere Ensemble (lauréat)


William CHRISTIE, President of the Jury - harpsichordist, director and founder of Les Arts Florissants

Daniel CUILLER, violonist and director of Stradivaria, Ensemble Baroque de Nantes

Corinne SCHNEIDER, musicoligist, writer and producer at France Musique

Catherine CESSAC, research director at CNRS

Nicolas BUCHER, organist et harpsichordist, director of Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles

Françoise MARMIN, professor at CRR in Angers


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